Why curiosity is needed for change to happen?

“I realise that when I talk to my mother and I come from a space of curiosity I’m ‘not as triggered’. Not as angry. “

“And why so, you think?”

“Yea, why ah?”

This was with a coaching client that I’ve been working with for a while. One of our previous sessions, I got her to practice curiosity with her mother, whom she’s often triggered by.

Here’s why when we are curious, we are less triggered:

Curiosity is an emotion of possibilities, openness and wonder. When we come from a space of curiosity, we ask questions. Not just any questions, but open questions. We are in the mode of hearing where people say they are coming from and are open to their stories and reasoning. Curiosity, as an emotion, is not particularly attached to outcomes, just reveling in the possibilities of the ‘what-could-bes’. It doesn’t care about good, bad, right, wrong.

As an emotion, curiosity is also oriented towards the future or the unknown. In order to move forward into change, some level of curiosity is needed. And this includes changes in relationships.

As we wind down for the weekend, I leave the following questions for us to ponder:

Where in our lives can we benefit from more curiosity?

Who in our lives, especially those that we are really triggered by, can we be more curious about?

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!



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