What’s going on in Singapore, astrologically speaking? (a long overdue post)

Gabriele Goh
17 min readMar 25, 2022

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As a Western Astrologer, one of my biggest fascinations is to be able to read charts of countries and nations, specifically the country which I am born and bred in. I’m sure some of us have seen writing by American astrologers about the current Pluto Return or the January 6th Insurrection- essentially doing a deep dive into the natal chart of the United States.

What is always disappointingly missing is a deep analysis of Singapore’s natal chart (possibly because we don’t have enough Astrologers to do that kind of work). So today, I’m going to dedicate some time to analyze, present, and talk about Singapore’s natal chart- specifically the planetary energies happening for Singapore in 2022.

Singapore’s Birth Chart: 9th August 1965, 10am.

Growth, Hope and Optimism in Routine, Service and Work: Transiting Jupiter in Pisces enters Singapore’s 6th House

The first key energy for Singapore this year is that of Jupiter in Pisces entering the 6th House since February. Jupiter in Pisces is one of the most powerful and benefic energy. Where it touches, you can expect things to grow, good things to happen and for hope and optimism to be pervasive.

6th House is traditionally related to work and service, duty and routines. As such, a country’s 6th house would naturally relate to its workforce. Because the 6th house is also linked to the themes of health and sickness, I’d expect this to also relate to the health situation in Singapore and the medical industry. With this indication, some of the things we can look forward to this year is hopefulness when it comes to returning back to work, as well as a more positive outlook with regards to COVID-19 in Singapore. Seems like the workforce is getting healthier with a greater sense of possibilities when it comes to work.

Of course, in 2022, we also hit a new record number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore. However, because of our leaders’ decision to get us on track towards living endemically with COVID-19, we also had a high vaccination rate. This, in my view, is possibly why the COVID-19 Phase Advisory remains relatively stable with little tightening measures.

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